Tester’s Cynical S1470 Tactics: A New Low in the Politics of Deceit

Jon Tester

"Little Jon"" Tester looks awfully small...

Often, we see issue advocacy leaders maligned for opposing bad legislation. Now, Jon Tester has clearly crossed an ethical line in claiming that a leader in the fight against Wilderness bills actually SUPPORTS his latest Montana Land Grab. Imagine if Conrad Burns had “thanked” Friends of the Earth for supporting his pro-drilling legislation under the “evil” Bush regime!!!

Left-wing Democrats’ failure to ban humans from massive swaths of the Northwest under NREPA (see petition opposing any and all such land grabs at www.WildernessGoneWild.com ) has clearly prompted Tester’s cynical attempt to buy off the desperate timber lobbyists with meaningless baubles. This bill – and Tester’s disgusting tactic – is a perfect example of why pro-multiple use interests (including timber and energy) should NEVER compromise with radical environmentalists on watered down legislation at the expense of the people!

Following, a repost of an email (in blue) sent by Kerry White to members of his Citizens for Balanced Use pro-access organization:


Members and supporters of CBU need to be aware of the following deception from Senator Tester!

I received the following email (in blue) from Senator Tester thanking me for helping him to pass this S1470 and he makes it look like I am a co-sponsor of this bad legislation. I have been contacted by other members of CBU that have received the same email. These CBU members have told me they have contacted the Senator to request their name be removed as a supporter of this bill but they continue to receive this message.

I believe that the Senator is using the sign in sheet at the open houses to create this list of people and then adds them to his list of supporters for the bill. CBU members have also notified me that they have visited the Senator’s website and afterwards they began receiving this same email. I believe this to be very unethical.

If you have received one of these messages and you do not support S1470, please contact the Senator and request your name be removed from his supporter list. If you continue to receive these messages after you have requested to be removed, please let CBU know. Keep a record of when and whom you contacted in the Senator’s office.

Senator Tester office numbers:
Billings                252-0550
Bozeman             586-4450
Butte                 723-3277
Glendive             365-2391
Great Falls          452-9585
Helena               449-5401
Kalispell              257-3360
Missoula             728-3003
Washington D.C.  224-2644


Citizen Cosponsor Update

Dear Kerry,

Just a quick note to share a few updates about the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act.  First off, thank you for stepping up to the plate to join me in working to pass this bill.  Each day, you and I see the need to move forward to put people back to work in the woods and save our forests for recreation, clean water, and our hunting and fishing traditions today and for years to come.

I’m proud to share news that Senator Baucus has signed on as a cosponsor of the Forest Jobs Bill.

I’m hosting another open house on the bill in Butte this Thursday, the details for which are mentioned below.  I hope you can make it to hear more about the bill and share your thoughts.

In addition, I want to share an editorial about the bill that appeared in the Missoulian earlier this month.  Take a minute to read and pass this news along to your friends.  Forward this email or have them visit http://tester.senate.gov/forest to sign up as a citizen cosponsor.

Thank you for all that you do
–Senator Jon Tester