Washington Examiner exposes Big Green

The Washington Examiner, D.C.’s daily newspaper, is hard at work exposing the real agenda and inner workings of the Big Green lobbyists who want to control your life.

And not only do Editor Mark Tapscott and Examiner columnists laying bare the very real threat Big Green poses to you, Tapscott beautifully sums up why WTP is in this fight:

But there is one key difference that makes Big Green more powerful than all of the other special interests…Big Labor can’t tell you where you can and cannot live. The trial lawyers didn’t turn your daily commute to work into a nightmare of congestion and delay.

Similarly, college professors have no power to transform your  once-fertile farm fields into a wasteland. Government dependants will never tell you when you can cut your grass. And abortion fanatics have no power to scare your kids in school with apocalyptic visions of environmental disaster.

Only Big Green can do those things to you. And so much more.

The Examiner kicks off its expose with these columns Monday: