Washington Post on the attack on ATI’s FOIA request

The Washington Post reports on the work of the American Tradition Institute, our affiliated think tank of American Tradition Partnership.

ATI is simply requesting documentation on the research of “climate scientist” Michael Mann, of “hockey stick graph” infamy.  Since the study was produced in a publicly-funded university with taxpayer funds, Virginians have a right to now how and why their tax dollars are being spent on scientifically questionable, and apparently politically-motivated, “research.”

Gang Green’s multi-million dollar army have ganged up on ATI and are urging UVA’s to unlawfully ignore the Freedom of Information Act request, advocating a blackout of public information on the “man-made global warming” scam.

And isn’t it funny how the Post refers to ATI as “a conservative group,” but the AAUW, UCS, ACLU and Greenpeace are never identified as “liberal groups?”

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