White House may be slammed with contempt charges in Solyndra scandal

“Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), who is heading the GOP probe of the failed solar company Solyndra, said Republicans are meeting this week to discuss contempt charges against the White House over its response to last year’s subpoena for documents,” The Hill reports.

Obama has been hiding documents that would shed light on his relationship with Solyndra.  Run by one of his campaign’s larger bankrollers, the Obama White House ran roughshod over warnings from the Justice Department and plowed ahead with a political decision to pump a half-billion dollars of taxpayer money into the failing, politically-connected company.

Obama planned to use the cash to jump-start his re-election campaign’s efforts to appeal to wealthy, check-writing environmental activists.  Obama also avoided federal laws requiring that taxpayer be reimbursed ahead of private investors when companies are propped up by taxpayer-backed loans.  Thanks to Obama, his campaign contributors, the California Democrat Party and the SEIU labor union will get be repaid ahead of taxpayers in any Solyndra bankruptcy agreement.

With both Obama and Solyndra mired in a swamp of potential felony criminal convictions, it’s no wonder Obama is hiding evidence from prosecutors.  That’s the Chicago way.