WTP Debuts NoCapAndTax.org via 2,500 IRN Radio News affiliates

Citizens’ lobby discusses National Energy Tax with Dr. Larry Bates, national radio audience

DENVER — Jacob Leis, Regional Executive Director of Western Tradition Partnership (WTP), appeared as a guest on IRN/USA Radio Network’s “News and Views” program for a full hour Thursday , discussing the group’s campaign opposing the $2.4 trillion “cap and trade” national energy tax currently headed for the U.S. Senate.

Western Tradition Partnership is on a national drive to sign up citizens on its “No Cap and Tax” petition drive, where constituents sign electronically, but the petitions will be printed and hand-delivered to U.S. Senators at their offices in Washington, D.C. The group is also preparing an Action Plan to keep pressure up to kill what it calls “Cap and Tax.”

Leis spoke with radio CEO/host and economist Dr. Larry Bates on “News & Views”, the highest-rated program on IRN, which boasts nearly 2,500 affiliates.  The interview covered WTP’s online petition available at www.NoCapAndTax.org, and the facts about the National Cap and Trade Energy Tax — and its devastating economic effects –  with a national audience of politically active Americans.

Audio of the interview can be streamed through this link; portions of the interview will be replayed nationwide in IRN News updates.

For more information, contact Executive Director Jacob Leis at 888-WTP-USA1 (987-8721) or jacob.l@westerntradition.org, or go to www.NoCapAndTax.org.