ATP: In the Media


WTP criticizes, corrects comments by Montana ‘Political Practices Commissioner’ (6/10/10)

WTP warns Loudoun Board: Drop Home Improvement Tax Ordinance (5/24/10)

Loudoun County, Va. supervisors urged to vote no on greens’ Home Improvement Tax (5/24/10)

Kentuckians reject green agenda in Senate primary (5/18/10)

WTP asks Trey Grayson to explain his left-wing ties (5/14/10)

Cap and Tax claims its first job (5/11/10)

WTP shelves costly ballot initiative, puts the question to legislators (5/10/10)

Kagan pick makes SCOTUS the green lobby’s consigliere (5/10/10)

WTP launches (4/29/10)

WTP urges overturn of Okla. Firearms Freedom veto (4/29/10)

WTP files brief backing Montana Firearms Freedom Act (4/27/10)

WTP warns Graham: Drop national energy tax, radical green support (4/26/10)

Alan Grayson nabs ‘Ted Kaczynski Award’ for green bomb-throwing (4/22/10)

Forty years later, Earth Day alarmism falls on deaf ears (4/22/10)

WTP warns Missoula commissioners to drop attack on property rights (4/19/10)

WTP members warn legislators on Obama oil drilling scam (4/6/10)

WTP files ballot initiative restoring right to lower utility bills (3/25/10)

WTP seeks internal documents in Obama land grab scandal (3/11/10)

WTP files suit to protect free speech in Montana (3/8/10)


Group warns against county restrictions on Plum Creek lands near Seeley Lake (4/19/10)

A monumental debate on monuments (3/29/10)

Opt-out on renewables? (3/26/10)

Forbes (3/9/10)

BusinessWeek (3/9/10)

Pro-development group sues state to nix ban on corporate campaign donations (3/9/10)

Lawsuit challenges ban on corporate donations (3/9/10)

Bozeman company sues over campaign finance law (3/9/10)

Montana lawsuit challenges corporate political ban (3/8/10)

Lawsuit Seeks To Overturn Political Spending Ban (3/8/10)

A climate bill without cap and trade (3/4/10)

Conservative ‘wipeout’ in Longmont election (11/4/09)