WTP uses new technology to send personalized mail on Schwartz Energy Tax

WTP uses cutting-edge technology to send personalized mailings on Schwartz Energy Tax
Mailings feature hybrid Gail Schwartz/Donald Trump image, informing residents – by name – ‘you’re fired’ with a personalized web address
SAMPLE MAILING AT: http://www.westerntradition.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/WTP-Youre-Fired.pdf

DENVER – Colorado’s largest grassroots energy and property-rights issues group is using cutting-edge technology to contact over 12,000 Coloradans and urging them to contact State Senator Gail Schwartz to express their concerns over the impact of her “renewable energy standards” (HB 1001) on jobs.
“Gail Schwartz has two words for Coloradans – ‘you’re fired,’” said Donald Ferguson, Western Tradition Partnership (WTP) Executive Director.  “Her energy tax forcing utility companies to buy more expensive electricity eliminates jobs by increasing utility bills.  Citizens should call her at 970-309-1411 and tell her to drop her support of higher electric prices by forcing everyone to subsidize wind and solar.”
Over 12,000 residents of the Fifth Senate District were sent a WTP mailing Monday with a photograph of Senator Schwartz photoshopped onto the body – and trademark hair – of Donald Trump of the TV show, “The Apprentice.”  Using variable print technology, the photograph addresses the resident by name, informing them Senator Schwartz’s bill threatens their employment.
The reverse side of the mailing explains the impact of HB 1001 on electric prices and employment, with citing studies showing “green energy” creates additional pollution, has a net negative effect on jobs, and costs ratepayers billions.  It directs the resident to a SchwartzEnergyTax.com URL personalized with their surname (Ex. www.SchwartzEnergyTax.com/SchwartzFamily.)
A study by Colorado’s Independence Institute shows “renewable energy standards” increase utility costs by $2,800.00.  That state-level think tank is affiliated with WTP.
“Senator Schwartz’s energy price hike impacts you personally.  It’s only logical our mailings informing you of the damage she is doing to your employment address you personally as well.  Whether you work in the oil and gas industry or at the McDonald’s serving commuters, these policies affect everyone. We hope this convinces Senator Schwartz to stop hiking your utility bills and threatening your job,” said Ferguson.

WTP is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that does not advocate the election or defeat of candidates.  Supported by grassroots members from across the nation, WTP is a fast-growing citizens’ group dedicated to fighting environmental extremism and promoting private property and responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources. 

For more information on WTP, go to http://www.westerntradition.org.  For more information on this issue, or to schedule an interview, contact Executive Director Donald Ferguson at 703-200-3669 or at donald.f@westerntradition.org.
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