Xcel drops solar power payoff program

Colorado’s largest electric utility is dropping its solar power welfare program, drawing howls of protests from radical Gang Green activists and speculators reliant on the wealth redistribution program.

Xcel as suspended its Solar*Rewards program pending a decision by Colorado’s Public Utilities Commission on its request to cut subsidies by 47 percent, the Denver Post reports.

Funded by a two percent jack-up on customers’ utility bills, the program has paid people $274 million to accept subsidized solar power cells that couldn’t compete on the open market.

That works out to $201 per Colorado ratepayer, taken from their pockets through jacked-up bills.

American Tradition Partnership applauds the move to at least scale back Xcel’s failed welfare program.  The organization would like to see Xcel drop “green” subsidies entirely and ask “green” energy consumers to pay their own bills instead of passing the buck to others.

“So-called ‘green’ power should have to compete on the open market.  But since it’s hideously expensive and notoriously unreliable, these failed Jimmy Carter-era experiments are still alive only through government-backed wealth redistribution and welfare programs.  A fair market in energy means lower bills for customers and real job growth for Coloradans,” said ATP Executive Director Donald Ferguson.

“Welfare and wealth redistribution are not sound energy policies.  Xcel should be commended for asking to drop a program that steals money from their customers to pay off the failed experiments of politically-connected green speculators.”

ATP is also seeking a vote on a bill to repeal the state’s Expensive Energy Mandate, which forces customers to buy escalating amounts of their electricity from more expensive, less reliable wind and solar experiments.