Your Work is Paying Off!

The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW) passed the Cap and Tax Bill by an 11-to-1 vote yesterday.   All of the seven Republican Senators that sit on this committee were absent from the vote in protest.

The Republican Senators have demanded that the Cap and Tax bill be reviewed for financial impact by the EPA, but committee chairman Barbara Boxer doesn’t want the world to know how much Cap and Tax will cost the United States, and she forced the bill through despite the Republican’s urge for common sense.

Despite the passage of Cap and Tax out of committee, the real story is that Montana Democrat Max Baucus voted AGAINST Cap and Tax.

Did Sen. Baucus oppose the bill simply because sees through the lies of the radical environmentalists?  Of course not!

The reason Sen. Baucus opposed the bill is because he is feeling grassroots pressure from his constituents to oppose the monstrously damaging Cap and Tax legislation.  The pressure being applied from Montanans signing petitions like the one at is what is making a difference.

As long as more pressure keeps flowing from the grassroots like yourself, the radical enviromentalists will continue to see more and more Democrats peel away from Cap and Tax, and it will be stopped.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to go to to sign the petition to your Senator to keep the pressure flowing.   If you’ve already signed the petition, make sure to tell your friends to go to to sign the petition right away.   Once you’ve signed the petition and informed your friends, the next thing I need you to do, is please make a sacrificial donation to help spread the word.   Every penny Western Tradition Partnership is raising right now is going out to spread the word and apply more pressure to Senators across the West.  Please consider making this effort even greater with a donation.

Don’t let preachers of doom and naysayers tell you that Cap and Tax is a battle that can’t be won.  With your help, we can defeat this legislation.